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Fab-Tech Hosts 2018 National Manufacturing Day Event

Posted by Fab-Tech Inc on Oct 8, 2018 1:01:16 PM

Successful MFG Day Event at Fab-Tech

Manufacturing Day is a growing nationally-held event which allows modern process facilities to embrace groups and individuals that are on an early manufacturing career path. Across the nation, manufacturers open their doors to showcase their work and to provide a look into the state of the industry, all with the intent of sparking inspiration in the minds of incoming manufacturers and engineers.

Originating in 2011, MFG Day has been recognized on the first Friday of every October, and it is increasingly uniting manufacturers in a national effort to raise awareness on how and why manufacturing is the backbone of any vibrant economy.

MFG Day 2018 tour group

This year, Fab-Tech participated in the 7th annual Manufacturing Day event by inviting industry-oriented tour groups to their Colchester facility. Fab-Tech was among more than 2,600 other manufacturers from around the country who held open houses, hosted tours, and gave demonstrations of their operations.

Attendance to the local event was strong, including visits from educational and career placement organizations such as Burlington Tech, American Welding Institute and Essex Tech. Attendees were treated to a guided tour through the Fab-Tech manufacturing facility, which included demonstrations and Q&A's across multiple stages of the vent pipe and fume exhaust duct manufacturing process.

MFG Day visitors look at PSP vent pipe

1) Visitors gather for a closer look at our process vent pipe and fume exhaust duct. 

Welder discusses perfect seams in PSP® fume exhaust duct

2) Fab-Tech welder answers questions and explains the need for perfect seams in PSP® fume exhaust duct.

Manufacturing Day tour of warehouse

3) Shop and warehouse workers were happy to engage with guests .  

MFG Day visitors see fluoropolymer coating room

4) Attendees pause to see our fluoropolymer coating room. 

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