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Product Spotlight: PermaShield 120" Fume Exhaust Duct

Posted by Fab-Tech Inc on Jun 4, 2019 3:46:06 PM

Merging Size and Safety in PSP® Fume Exhaust Duct Production

As part of a corporate wide safety awareness initiative, Fab-Tech recently implemented changes to our manufacturing process to reflect a safer way to perform the fabrication and coating of our vent duct systems. Since our largest diameter exhaust duct was among the first to roll off the production line following the process updates, we decided it was time to take a step back and admire the fruits of our labor. 

Over a period of a few short weeks we were able to seamlessly implement the additional safety measures to our processes without disruption to our production capabilities. This concerted effort and noteworthy achievement would not have been possible without the hard work from our engineering, maintenance, and operations staff, including fabrication, welding, blasting and coating.

Congratulations team and thank you for your dedication to excellence and continuous improvement!

Fab-Tech's first 120" diameter fume exhaust duct

PermaShield 120" Diameter Coated Stainless Steel Fume Exhaust Duct

Fab-Tech's first 120" diameter fume exhaust duct (pre-coated)

Fab-Tech's 120" Diameter Fume Exhaust Duct Prior to Coating

For more information about PSP® Coated Metal vent pipe and duct, please feel free to download our general information guide below:

Corrosive Fume and Odor Control Exhaust Duct Information Guide


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Corrosive Fume and Odor Control Exhaust Duct Information Guide

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