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Setting New Standards for WWTP Odor Control

Posted by Fab-Tech on Jun 26, 2020 9:17:00 AM

WhAT's Replacing FRP Duct on WWTP Odor Control Systems?

Traditionally, FRP duct has been the standard material for handling foul air exhaust in wastewater treatment plant odor control systems. Today however, as system longevity, overall fire safety, environmental footprint and ease of installation and maintenance play larger roles in system design specifications, WWTP's are increasingly turning to coated stainless steel for their odor control system needs.


With a history of more than 30 years of unparalleled successful use in semiconductor manufacturing applications, PSP® coated stainless steel duct is becoming a household name with forward-thinking wastewater treatment facilities like DC Blue Plains and King County Brightwater, among others. As a result, these plants are being rewarded with a product that not only improves foul air containment, but delivers significant overall cost savings and fire safety to the facility as well.

PSP® is FM 4299-approved for installations without sprinklers and is engineered for maximum safety and performance under the harshest process facility fumes and vapors. By using PSP®, WWTP owners can prioritize the overall safety of their facility as well as the safety of the men and women responsible for daily operations.

Additionally, PSP® WWTP odor control duct: 

  • Improves foul air containment & corrosion resistance
  • Reduces construction costs & time to install
  • Eliminates maintenance costs
  • Improves system adaptability
  • and is fully reusable and/or recyclable at system end-of-life

Beyond these benefits, PSP® fume exhaust duct now comes standard with the PSP® BIM Revit Plugin which streamlines design time and improves quality control and assurance on any system layout. The intelligent models that are made possible through Revit families means that exhaust duct layouts have fewer design inconsistencies and fewer clashes so engineers and installing contractors can benefit from vastly improved design schedules as well.

If you would like more information about PSP® and WWTP Odor Control, please access our Waterworld webcast:

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