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Tips For Handling Coated Vent Pipe Prior To Install

Posted by Mike Baranski on Aug 17, 2017 2:47:06 PM
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How To Properly Store and Handle PSP® Coated Vent Pipe For Optimal Performance

Proper shipping and handling of PSP® vent pipe is essential for successful installation and optimal performance. PermaShield Pipe® is used for venting hazardous and corrosive fumes in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, wastewater and chemical process environments. Proper care must be taken to protect its proprietary coating material from being damaged in shipping, moving, and installation.

Fluoropolymer coated stainless steel vent pipe

Following the guidelines provided here will ensure that your PSP® exhaust duct will serve its lifetime intended purpose; far outlasting any other corrosive fume handling products out there.

PermaShield Pipe® is a system that combines the structural integrity of stainless steel with the superior corrosion resistance of Fluoropolymer Barrier Coating. Fab-Tech's PermaShield® coating, through the use of its proprietary primer technology, enables the bonding of fluoropolymer to the inside of stainless steel duct; a capability that no other company has been able to replicate successfully.

The coating process requires that very stringent manufacturing tolerances be maintained and that a high temperature, multi-bake process be used to achieve proper coating thickness and integrity. Beyond these measures, all coated surfaces should still be handled with extra care to ensure best performance results. 

Shipping & Handling

Vent Pipe Installation and Assembly Guide

 Be sure to transport all fitting and control devices to the installation site with all packaging intact. All PermaShield® products and fittings are shipped with poly sheet over the ends to help prevent contamination and protect the exposed outer surfaces of the flanges.

Pallets and crates containing PSP® product should not be moved when the bolts securing the product to the base have been loosened or removed.

Keep all coated surfaces protected up to the point at which the gasket is installed before final fit up.

Safe Transfer

Pallets are constructed to be lifted by a forklift with fork extensions that are long enough to span the entire skid when lifting from the side, or extend at least 60% of the length of the entire skid when lifting from the end. 

If such equipment is not available, then pallets, skids, and/or crates may be moved by cart, or by careful dragging on a level surface.

If it is necessary to move larger pieces by hand, be sure to roll them on the angle rings to protect the coated flange faces from abrasive surfaces.

When lifting, all fittings and vent pipe should be uniformly supported to prevent bending of flanges, denting and scratches to the duct work, and racking of control devices.

Storage & Staging

 If possible, store PSP® coated vent pipe in an enclosed space, where there is reduced potential for damage from traffic or debris. 

 PSP® must not be stored on its flanges without some type of protective material (pallets, corrugated cardboard, styrofoam or similar material) on the coated faces.

PSP vent pipe storage.png

 When all packaging is removed, avoid direct contact of the flange coating with asphalt or concrete.

 PSP-EZ® duct is shipped with gasket tape material pre-installed at the factory. To prevent possible damage to the gasket and the backing rings, this duct should always be staged or stored vertically. Since EZ duct joints use backing rings rather than stronger companion rings, the duct can compress out of round with moderate force which could cause the backing rings to become detached from the gasket tape. 

Click here for more information about Fab-Tech's PSP-EZ® Duct.


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