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Process Control Interface (PCI) Automation System

Posted by BPES on Apr 21, 2021 12:11:31 PM

BPES' Process Control Interface PCI™ comes SCADA-ready

Our Process Control Interface (PCI) is a highly flexible, open source automation system that comes available on all BPES process skids. Our user-friendly standard software configuration enables automated process control and easy integration with other systems and entire process facilities.

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Electropolishing Stainless Steel Biopharmaceutical Equipment

Posted by BPES on Jul 31, 2020 9:56:51 AM

Benefits of Electropolished UHP Stainless Steel

Biopharmaceutical equipment must be manufactured to the highest quality standards and with the highest quality materials and finishes if it is expected to meet stringent clean room standards, meet heavy production demands, and facilitate easy and efficient clean-up. This is why 300 series stainless steel is often used in the fabrication of bioprocessing equipment and related product contact surfaces; as it provides strength, durability and contamination resistance.

Despite these qualities however, stainless steel still contains microscopic surface textures and imperfections which can be treated and/or eliminated through various mechanical, chemical, or electrochemical finishing procedures.

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BPES' Inline Buffer Dilution System Supports Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing

Posted by BPES on Jun 24, 2020 11:59:06 AM

Product Spotlight: Inline Buffer Dilution System

Biopharm Engineered Systems is pleased to announce the development of an ultra-high accuracy, wide concentration bandwidth, Inline Buffer Dilution System (IDS) to support the manufacture of Monoclonal Antibodies (MAb's) and mRNA Therapeutics. The IDS was designed with the capability of tempering bulk caustic (8N NaOH) from an exterior supply, and diluting the tempered solution to 5N, 0.5N and 0.1N solutions for Process and Clean-In-Place (CIP) operations.

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ISPE Facility of the Year Awards 2020

Posted by BPES on Apr 14, 2020 3:07:48 PM

CPS Group Companies Supplied and Supported Two of This Year's Winners

BioPharm Engineered Systems is proud to be listed as a supplier of bioprocessing equipment for this year's ISPE FOYA "Facility of the Future" category winner, Sanofi. Also supporting the effort was BPES sister companies ENGVT and CPSPS.

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High Performance Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration Holder

Posted by BPES on Mar 12, 2020 4:51:00 PM

Allows Up To 4x Concentration of Product with One Single Pump Pass 

The unique configuration of the BPES high performance single‐pass tangential flow filtration holder allows the retentate from the first bank of filter modules to be fed directly into the feed port of the 2nd bank of filter modules. This can be repeated from 2 up to 4x. This allows up to a 4X concentration of product with one single pump pass.

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Standard Tangential Flow Filtration Cart

Posted by BPES on Feb 18, 2020 2:15:00 PM

Standard Tangential Flow Filtration Cart and Universal TFF Holder 

The BPES Standard Tangential Flow Filtration cart with BPES universal TFF holder offers the perfect combination of quality, flexibility and value. The holder is directly compatible with MilliporeSigma and Pall UF Cassettes. Sartorius and others can be loaded with optional adapter plates.

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SIP / CIP Cleaning Block for Tangential Flow Filtration Holders

Posted by BPES on Jan 9, 2020 4:48:00 PM

Best Method For Cleaning of Tangential Flow Filtration Equipment 

CIP (Cleaning‐In‐Place) and SIP (Sterilization‐In‐Place) are the best methods for cleaning process systems. They ensure safety and efficiency, prevent toxic contamination of products and minimize possible contamination of the process. Well‐designed SIP / CIP systems provide for automatic cleaning and disinfecting without major disassembly and assembly and permit cleaning of one part of the plant while other areas continue to produce product.

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Tangential Flow Filtration Methods and Benefits

Posted by BPES on Nov 19, 2019 1:16:07 PM

Methods and Benefits of TFF In DownStream Process Filtration

Various methods and systems are available for the separation of cells from culture media in downstream bioprocessing. The most common include filtration, flotation, flocculation, and centrifugation (1). 

Filtration is perhaps the most popular technique for separating contaminants from process fluids.

During process filtration, different flow-through mechanisms can be used with an assortment of membrane media differentiated by porosity, or molecular weight.  

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Bioprocessing Equipment Takes Many Forms

Posted by BPES on Aug 24, 2017 3:45:37 PM

Upstream, Downstream, and Everything Between

Broadly defined, bioprocessing is a form of high-purity manufacture which employs living cells to engineer commercially viable productsIn addition to agriculture, fuel, chemical, and environmental sectors, the biopharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest users and beneficiaries of this process. 

Across all applications, bioprocessing requires specialized equipment ranging from bioreactor vessels, to filtration devices, mixers and all related piping, stands/holders, and transfer components. 

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Custom Fabricated Clean Room Carts

Posted by BPES on Jul 31, 2017 8:27:03 AM

Attention To Detail

Here at BPES, we understand that every biopharmaceutical facility is unique in its size, shape, design, equipment and process.

In order to meet the often diverse storage and transfer needs of highly specialized high-purity manufacturing spaces, custom clean room carts and tables are a must. 

Clean room carts and tables carry specialty tools, bioprocessing equipment, chemicals, biological samples, computers and more. Therefore, the quality and design of their construction is critical for personnel safety, equipment safety, and maintaining clean room standards.

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Custom Planova Filter Stands:  A Superior Single-Use Solution

Posted by BPES on Jun 16, 2017 8:31:46 AM

Custom Planova Filter Stands Increase Production Efficiency and Reduce Contamination Risk

The advent and rapid commercialization of new biological molecules such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, recombinant proteins and blood derivatives has led to a radically re-imagined pharmaceuticals manufacturing environment

Drug-makers are now being challenged to quickly produce pilot batches of new protein based medicines and rapidly scale these to production quantities.

The movement away from large “blockbuster” drugs to smaller batch drugs that are targeting a smaller population has led to the development of facilities that can produce multiple products flexibly and scalably while still meeting GMP (good manufacturing practices).

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