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BPES' Inline Buffer Dilution System Supports Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing

Posted by BPES on Jun 24, 2020 11:59:06 AM

Product Spotlight: Inline Buffer Dilution System

Biopharm Engineered Systems is pleased to announce the development of an ultra-high accuracy, wide concentration bandwidth, Inline Buffer Dilution System (IDS) to support the manufacture of Monoclonal Antibodies (MAb's) and mRNA Therapeutics. The IDS was designed with the capability of tempering bulk caustic (8N NaOH) from an exterior supply, and diluting the tempered solution to 5N, 0.5N and 0.1N solutions for Process and Clean-In-Place (CIP) operations.


The system design includes the option to dilute caustic solution concentrations directly by volume using mass flow-meters and/or conductivity measurements. System is suitable for all concentrations, reduces the storage requirements for hazardous chemicals, provides cost savings over purchase of multiple discrete concentrations, and provides process simplification and increased flexibility.

Download Our Inline Buffer Dilution System Fact Sheet Here

Capabilities include:

[1] Option to dilute caustic solution concentrations directly by volume, using mass flow-meters and/or conductivity measurements. 

[2] Final dilution accuracy <1.5% based on flow rate while operating in closed loop flow control.

[3] Final dilution flow rate ~45 LPM @ 30 psig at skid outlet.

BPES is pleased to add the ultra-high accuracy Inline Buffer Dilution Skid to its line-up of bioprocessing equipment and biopharmaceutical engineering solutions.

For more information about our Bioprocessing Equipment offerings, download our capabilities guide.


Visit our Bioprocess Engineering Solutions page.

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