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High Performance Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration Holder

Posted by BPES on Mar 12, 2020 4:51:00 PM

Allows Up To 4x Concentration of Product with One Single Pump Pass 

The unique configuration of the BPES high performance single‐pass tangential flow filtration holder allows the retentate from the first bank of filter modules to be fed directly into the feed port of the 2nd bank of filter modules. This can be repeated from 2 up to 4x. This allows up to a 4X concentration of product with one single pump pass.


Reducing the number of pump passes will provide higher product yield, and reduced product temperature rise from pumping. The permeate and retentate generated from this process will be collected in isolated streams at the outlet of the filter holder. Holder is directly compatible with Millipore Sigma & Pall UF Cassettes, Sartorius and others can be loaded with optional adapter plates.

Download Our High Performance Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration Holder Brochure Here

Product Details:


Membrane & Holder



TFF Device: Ultra Filtration Cassette
Membrane Manufacture: Sartorius / MilliporeSigma / PALL
Min/Max Filter Area: .20m2 to 80m2 (Subject to Filter Membrane Manuf. & Model)
Holder Closure Mechanism: Manual and Hydraulic
SIP / CIP Capable: Yes
System Process Connections: 1.5”(40mm) up to 4" TC Feed & Retentate / 1” (25mm) up to 2" TC
Permeate/Drain ( Dependent on filtration area required)
Product Contact Material: 316L SS, AL6XN or Hastrelloy
Elastomers: USP Class VI EPDM / Teflon/ Silicone
ID Finish (wetted surfaces): 15ra u‐in W/Electro Polish
OD Finish (non-wetted surfaces): 35ra u‐in Mechanical Finish
Passivation (wetted surface): Yes
MAWP: 6.8 Bar (Subject to Filter Membrane Manuf. & Model)
Feed Flow Range: Dependent on filtration area required
Documentation: 1 Hard and Soft Copy Turn‐Over‐Package (TOP) Provided

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