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Process Control Interface (PCI) Automation System

Posted by BPES on Apr 21, 2021 12:11:31 PM

BPES' Process Control Interface PCI™ comes SCADA-ready

Our Process Control Interface (PCI) is a highly flexible, open source automation system that comes available on all BPES process skids. Our user-friendly standard software configuration enables automated process control and easy integration with other systems and entire process facilities.


Process Control Interface Description

Rockwell Factory Talk View SE with Windows:

  • Provides the touch screen operator interface to the control system.
  • Graphical animated P&ID always visible with status and faceplate displays for all detailed control functions.
  • Valves, pumps, instrument values, discrete devices, flow paths are all dynamically displayed.
  • Trends (real-time and historical).
  • Alarm and event summary.
  • Phase control and status.
  • Diagnostic and configuration functions.
  • System Security (can be linked to Windows).
Phases & Recipes:

Phase Manager:

  • Used to create and edit phases.
  • Phases can be linked together to form an Operation.
  • Uses  the S88 State Model.
  • Every function is defined for each step in the phase sequence including:
    • Step description.
    • Flow path.
    • All control loop modes and set points.
    • Analog alarm enable/disable.
    • Prompt (information or question).
    • Restart step.
    • Step Transition. Phase steps advance based on one or two transitions used in a boolean expression. Available transitions include totalizers, timers, instrument values, derived data values, control loop states and prompt acknowledgment.
    • Hold, Abort and End flow paths are defined for each phase.
Recipe Editor: Defines control set points, alarm set points and transition variables used by the phase. All set points can be defined in the phase or use the recipe variables on a step by step basis.
Report Client: Used to view reports. Data retrieved from secure SQL server database. Query by Batch ID or date/time. Print and/or save report data for viewing in Microsoft Excel.


Click here for a downloadable and printable version of the Process Control Interface data sheet.

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