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DFS Slurry Blender and Distribution System with Transfer Unit

Posted by DFS on Sep 24, 2021 5:30:00 PM

Maximize Blend Accuracy and Production Uptime

This DFS system consists of a Slurry Blender and Distribution system, an external Transfer unit, and a Control Cabinet that controls all units. The Blender receives customer-supplied chemical from the Transfer unit or bulk feed system and facility UPW, performing a blend to tanks inside of the system. Each blend is weight-monitored and can be tracked with flow meters to ensure accuracy. The blends are validated by weight or optional conductivity and refractive index (RI) to qualify the batch before supplying to the facility fab. Distribution can be single loop, dual loop, or deadhead transfers, while blending can be completed using three user-selectable methods: batch, continuous batch, or continuous to the on-board distribution tank. Blends can be configured from the Recipe screen on the HMI, allowing blends to be adjusted to specified requirements.

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Topics: chemical blending, chemical distribution

DFS Titan™ Transfer and Offload Bulk Chemical Distribution System

Posted by DFS on Apr 19, 2021 5:39:35 PM

Bulk Chemical Distribution

The DFS Titan™ Transfer and Offload System automatically transfers an aqueous chemical from the tanker offload cabinet to the main distribution tanks. This system monitors the level of the main bulk tanks and allows tanker offload into storage tank A. Storage tank A refills tank B at the defined setpoint, and all chemical transfers for production tools come from storage tank B.

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Topics: chemical distribution

Chemical Distribution Unit: Titan™ Dual Vessel CDU

Posted by DFS on Apr 19, 2021 5:38:32 PM

DFS Titan™ Dual Vessel CDU Enables A Continuous Chemical Supply with Closed Loop Pressure Control

The DFS Titan™ Dual Vessel CDU transfers from interchangeable vessels via AODD pumps. The system maintains continuous chemical pressure to production areas using either automated closed loop pressure control or deadhead supply. 

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Topics: chemical distribution

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