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Patented On-Demand Adaptive In-Line-Blending and Supply of Chemical Solutions

Posted by DFS on Jan 9, 2024 3:26:24 PM

DFS Celebrates Patent Update for innovative On-Demand In-Line Chemical Blending and Supply Technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,839,860)

Diversified Fluid Solutions is pleased to announce that it has received a new Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for US patent No. 11,839,860 for On-Demand In-Line-Blending And Supply Of Chemical Solutions. This is a continuation of U.S. application Ser. No. 17/299,927 filed Jun. 4, 2021, which is a national stage application of PCT/US2020/062458 filed Nov. 26, 2020, which claims priority to the provisional patent application U.S. App. No. 62/941,152 filed Nov. 27, 2019.

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Topics: chemical blending and distribution, semiconductor manufacturing

Domestic Semiconductor Fab Projects Brim with Exytement

Posted by DFS on Dec 7, 2023 4:02:00 PM

Exyte and DFS Keeping Busy in Boise

With the current boom in semiconductor fab expansions, increasing demand and capital equipment expenditures from the semiconductor industry in recent years, numerous fab construction projects are now breaking ground across the USA. Including here in our backyard of Boise, Idaho. Diversified Fluid Solutions is also investing and expanding our local UHP chemical and gas systems manufacturing facilities along with our sister company Exyte Technology and Services.

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Topics: semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor fabs

Smarter and More Resilient Semiconductor Chemical Supply for Sustainability

Posted by DFS on Nov 28, 2022 11:17:52 AM

On-site Generation of Ultra High Pure Ammonium Hydroxide With Reduced Environmental Impact

Karl Urquhart recently presented at the 2022 Semicon Europa, Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit in Munich, Germany. At a time when supply chain issues continue to dominate the narrative within the industry, Karl's presentation about on-site generation of semiconductor wet chemical supply directly addressed some of the foremost topics including resiliency, cost and sustainability. 

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Topics: semiconductor manufacturing, chemical supply

DFS Attends Ground Breaking Ceremony for New Micron Chip Fab in Boise

Posted by DFS on Sep 15, 2022 5:13:32 PM

Bringing Memory Manufacturing Back to the U.S.

Diversified Fluid Solutions attended the recent ground-breaking ceremony for Micron's new advanced memory chip fab in Boise, Idaho. Micron's announcement of the approximately $15B project was welcome news to many local residents and businesses like DFS. The new memory fab project represents the largest private investment ever made in Idaho and will be part of a larger investment by Micron to bring new leading-edge memory manufacturing back into the United States.

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Topics: semiconductor manufacturing