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DFS Slurry Blender and Distribution System with Transfer Unit

Posted by DFS on Sep 24, 2021 5:30:00 PM
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Maximize Blend Accuracy and Production Uptime

This DFS system consists of a Slurry Blender and Distribution system, an external Transfer unit, and a Control Cabinet that controls all units. The Blender receives customer-supplied chemical from the Transfer unit or bulk feed system and facility UPW, performing a blend to tanks inside of the system. Each blend is weight-monitored and can be tracked with flow meters to ensure accuracy.

slurry-blender-and-distribution-unitThe blends are validated by weight or optional conductivity and refractive index (RI) to qualify the batch before supplying to the facility fab. Distribution can be single loop, dual loop, or deadhead transfers, while blending can be completed using three user-selectable methods: batch, continuous batch, or continuous to the on-board distribution tank. Blends can be configured from the Recipe screen on the HMI, allowing blends to be adjusted to specified requirements. 

The Transfer module integrates with two customer-supplied chemical vessels to allow for a constant supply of chemical. When one of the vessels becomes empty, the system automatically switches over to the other approved vessel. Chemical is supplied to the blender by one online vessel with the other vessel in standby. 


  • Fully automated system 
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • High blend accuracy 
  • Flexible and user-friendly HMI 
  • System and/or component redundancy to maximize production uptime 
  • Automated system flushing 
  • Space efficient designs 
  • Full blend configuration and manipulation 


  • Cabinet leak detection and alarming 
  • Cabinet exhaust monitoring and alarming 
  • Cabinet door interlocks 
  • Cabinet contains 110% of the largest volume 
  • Local and remote EMO capability 
  • Recirculating UPW spray gun for maintenance 
  • Waste pump for system draining and maintenance 
  • UL 508A Certified 
  • SEMI S2 Compliant 

Options *Contact DFS for a complete list of available options. 

  • 3-part and 4-part blending 
  • Refractive Index, conductivity, or pH for blend qualification 
  • On-board humidified N2 system 
  • Volumetric chemical additions 
  • Redundant maglev pumps 
  • PTFM lined tanks 
  • Pneumatic pumps 
  • Tank mixers 
  • FM4910 cabinet materials 
  • SEMI S2 Certified 

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Download our Slurry Blender & Distribution System data sheet here


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