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DFS Titan™ Transfer and Offload Bulk Chemical Distribution System

Posted by DFS on Apr 19, 2021 5:39:35 PM
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Bulk Chemical Distribution

The DFS Titan™ Transfer and Offload System automatically transfers an aqueous chemical from the tanker offload cabinet to the main distribution tanks. This system monitors the level of the main bulk tanks and allows tanker offload into storage tank A. Storage tank A refills tank B at the defined setpoint, and all chemical transfers for production tools come from storage tank B.

DFS-Titan-Transfer-and-Offload-SystemWhen the distribution system requests chemical, the system transfers chemical until the distribution tank level has been satisfied and the request signal removed. If one of the pumps is down for maintenance, the system can be configured to supply and return from the opposite tank.


  • Fully automated systems
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Flexible and user-friendly HMIs 
  • Space efficient designs
  • Continuous transfer of chemical from the main tanks to the production area distribution tanks 
  • System and/or component redundancy as required to maximize production uptime
  • Monitors and controls: 
    • Tanker offload functionality 
    • Tank levels during offloads and normal operation 


  • Flow and pressure monitoring 
  • Quality Control verification of incoming chemical 
  • Automated sampling for offload analytical verifications  
  • Maintenance points for system purging and draining 
  • Solenoid valves with system force capability 
  • All wetted flow paths are PFA, PTFM, or PTFE 
  • Polypropylene cabinet materials

As with all of our chemical distribution systems, the DFS Titan™ Bulk Offload and Transfer System offers advanced monitoring and control through state-of-the-art instrumentation and user interface. Our fluid management systems are designed to increase process windows, improve process yields, optimize floor space, minimize downtime and lower overall operations costs.

If you would like to learn more about the DFS Titan™ Transfer and Offload System, please feel free to:

Download our bulk chemical distribution data sheet here


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