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DFS Licenses South Korean Company to Manufacture Systems

Posted by DFS on Oct 12, 2017 8:26:34 AM
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During the month of September, Diversified Fluid Solutions (DFS) of Boise, Idaho hosted a delegation of Korean technicians from SEBO Corp, (SEBO), a leading contractor and manufacturer in Korea.

DFS designs and manufactures high-purity chemical, gas and slurry blending and distribution systems for high tech customers worldwide. DFS recently licensed SEBO to manufacture DFS blending and distribution systems for certain Asian semiconductor markets. SEBO is currently building a state of the art factory in Korea to manufacture the systems.

Fluid Management Systems Manufacturing Training

SEBO is sending approximately 20 of its employees to Boise for up to two months at a time, to learn plastic welding/fabrication, electrical systems, plumbing, system fit up, Programmable Logic Controller programming and other components of DFS technology. SEBO is already a major manufacturer of structural steel, PSP® corrosion resistant fume exhaust duct, process utility modules, and raised floor systems for semiconductor manufacturing facilities, where precision and high performance are essential.

DFS SEBO Manufacturing Training

"Since its founding in 2009, DFS has built a global reputation for building high-quality, reliable precision fluid blending and distribution systems," said Fred Elsey, CEO of DFS. "SEBO has also proven to be a technically competent company with excellent leadership that we trust  to build our systems to the same exacting quality standards."

DFS SEBO Manufacturing Training

In 2013, DFS was acquired by the Critical Process Systems Group (CPS Group). The CPS Group is comprised of manufacturing and engineering companies providing products and services to multiple industries including semiconductor, life science, solar, gas and chemical systems, wastewater and university research labs. Other CPS Group subsidiaries include BioPharm Engineered Systems (Andover, Massachusetts), CPS Process Solutions (Maynard, Massachusetts), ENGVT (Richmond, Vermont), Fab-Tech Inc. (Colchester, Vermont) and NEHP (Williston, Vermont). In July 2016, CPS Group moved its corporate headquarters to Boise, ID.

SEBO has a history of successful collaboration with other CPS Group companies including manufacturing Fab-Tech's PSP® Fluoropolymer Coated Stainless Steel Duct (PermaShield Pipe) since 2011 under a licensing agreement.  PSP® is widely used in semiconductor, wastewater treatment, and research facilities to exhaust corrosive fumes because of its flame and smoke resistance and ease of installation. The PSP® system has "0" Flame spread as determined by ASTM E84 Testing.

DFS SEBO 2017 Manufacturing Training Group Photo.pngSEBO has also collaborated with NEHP on construction modularization. Traditionally, high-tech and semiconductor factories have been built with on-site labor but NEHP has pioneered a modularization process, where technically complex components of the factory - including high and low purity piping and ducting - are assembled offsite and shipped to the construction site as ready-to-install "modules." This results in lower costs, faster and safer construction and higher quality. 

“The SEBO companies have benefited from our collaboration with the CPS Group, bringing CPS products and technologies to our customers in Korea and elsewhere in Asia” said Jaeyoung Kim, Vice President of SEBO.

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