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DFS Presents with KxS at 2022 International Conference on Planarization Technology (ICPT)

Posted by DFS on Sep 28, 2022 6:59:35 AM
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Slurry Delivery Systems Defining Incoming CMP Slurry Density and Achieving Target Process Concentration Driven by Inline Metrology


Diversified Fluid Solutions and KxS Technologies jointly presented at the 2022 International Conference on Planarization Technology (ICPT) in Portland, Oregon this week. DFS provides ultra-high-purity gas, chemical distribution and blending systems for the semiconductor industry. KxS Technologies designs and manufactures cutting-edge inline chemical concentration monitors based on refractive index.

The joint presentation by DFS and KxS described the need for, and ability of the presented slurry delivery system to achieve tight incoming slurry density and target UPW dilutions via inline metrology.


The chemical mechanical planarization CMP community has found a need for defining new industry standards for stakeholders with respect to reporting technical properties and functionality of CMP related materials and consumables in typical process conditions. CMP slurry density is one of the critical objectives. In serving complex CMP slurry feed to point-of-use, the presented slurry delivery system has validated inline refractive index unit RIU liquid measurements in combination with other proprietary measurement techniques in defining and achieving target set-points of both slurry density and H2O2 concentration.

Simultaneously, semiconductor Fabs set increasingly tight upper and lower control limits UCL, LCL on slurry density and H2O2 additions. The technology of defining incoming slurry density and achieving target UPW dilutions is enabled by a closed-loop real-time control and liquid monitoring in the slurry delivery system. Data from the process characterization of the industry relevant slurry shows the system meets a UPW slurry density dilution target in a +/-0.000025 g/cm3 control limit range. Addition of H2O2 to a multi-constituent solution presented consistent blending to within +/-0.004%wt of target.

Click here to access the full poster presentation.


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Topics: cmp process, chemical mechanical planarization

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