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DFS Presents in CMP User Group Conference

Posted by DFS on Oct 16, 2018 5:23:59 PM
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Highlights From the International Conference On Planarization/CMP Technology (ICPT) 

Karl Urquhart and our Korea licensee SB-TECH present Real Time Process Monitoring in CMP, Post CMP Clean Blending and Distribution Applications at the ICPT 2018, October, 15-17, 2018, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

DFS and SB TECH at ICPT 2018DFS and SB-TECH at ICPT 2018.

Karl U. presenting at ICPT 2018Our Poster: Real Time Process Monitoring in CMP, Post CMP Clean Blending and Distribution Applications.

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Karl U. at ICPT 2018 (1)

Karl U. at ICPT 2018 (2)Karl U. at ICPT 2018 (3)


DFS and SB-Tech at ICPT 2018

ICPT is an annually held conference which brings together many of the world's brightest scientific researchers, thought leaders, engineers and industrial minds to share and present new discoveries in the field of Chemical Mechanical Planarization. 

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Topics: process control, chemical mechanical planarization

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