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2022 CMC Conference - DFS On-Site NH4OH Production (Blending NH3 + H2O)

Posted by DFS on Jun 9, 2022 11:20:03 AM
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DFS On-Site NH4OH Production Presentation Resonates at 2022 CMC Conference

Karl Urquhart gave a timely presentation about the benefits of producing NH4OH on-site to protect against ongoing supply chain issues and increasing costs from suppliers to fabs. The concept of securing material supply independently was well received by attendees at the 2022 CMC Conference in Chandler, AZ.

2022_cmc_conference_nh4oh_presentation 2

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As material supply chain demand is increasing faster than supply chain capacity, this presentation highlights the importance and the need for semiconductor fabs to take control of their own NH4OH supply through on-site generation. Through systems like the DFS NH4OH OSCG Chemical Blending System, semiconductor fabs have been benefiting from:

  • reduced shipping, handling and associated costs
  • fewer consumables
  • less equipment
  • less labor
  • reduced storage
  • stable supply
  • stable cost
  • higher purity & reduced contamination risk  



If you would like to learn more, please request a copy of the NH4OH On-Site Chemical Generation (OSCG) presentation here.

Topics: chemical blending and distribution

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