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High Purity Nitrogen Pressure Control and Filtration Bulk Gas Skid

Posted by DFS on Apr 28, 2020 8:26:00 AM
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high-purity-nitrogen-bulk-gas-skidDFS High Purity NITROGEN (HPN2) BULK GAS SKID 

The DFS High Purity Nitrogen (HPN2) Pressure Control and Filtration Skid enables pressure regulation and particle capture between large facility purifiers and semiconductor fab distribution. The compact design of this system minimizes gas pad or purifier room space required, while preserving ergonomic operation and maintenance access. Pre-engineered options practically eliminate design time, minimize lead-times, and reduce installation cost and schedule. Our Utility Nitrogen Bulk Gas systems are configurable to customer’s needs from field-proven base designs. DFS Bulk Gas Equipment is delivered as a complete factory-tested packaged system.

Standard features on the High Purity Nitrogen (HPN2) Pressure Control & Filtration Skid include:

  • Redundant flow path
  • All-welded stainless skid frame
  • I&C junction box
  • Globe control valve, pneumatic actuation
  • High purity filters, EP stainless housing
  • Pressure transmitter

Configurable Options Include:

  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Customer preferred control strategy
  • Valve positioning: Pneumatic and/or electronic
  • On-skid instrument N2 distribution
  • Choice of bellows-sealed isolation valves
  • Choice of filter element types and housings
  • Over-pressure protection for filters
  • Blow-down/commissioning valves
  • Future tie-in valves
  • Analytical connection points
  • Customer-specific material and component specification compliance
  • Optionally EU Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) compliant, CE marked

If you would like to learn more about our High Purity Nitrogen (HPN2) Bulk Gas Skid, please feel free to:

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Download the High Purity Nitrogen (HPN2) Pressure Control & Filtration Skid data sheet


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