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CMP Slurry Blending with Closed-Loop Real-Time Control & Monitoring

Posted by DFS on Jul 23, 2021 9:02:53 AM
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Remove Expensive Labor-Intensive Offline Metrologies and Manual Process Adjustments

DFS recently completed a process characterization and successfully developed onboard control technology that allows for closed-loop control of a customer-specific semiconductor cmp slurry solution in a blend and distribution operation.

CMP-Slurry-Blending-with-Closed-Loop-Real-Time-Control-and-MonitoringThis newly patented DFS process and technology delivers:

  • Extreme accuracy regardless of incoming variation
  • Process characterization and validation
  • In-line metrology driven closed-loop control
  • Offline metrology independence
  • Precision blend control optimizing process control

Semiconductor fabs have increasingly tight upper and lower control limits (UCL / LCL) for a number of critical process parameters. These parameters include concentration specific related functions, and many others as associated with blend and distribution operations of a given critical chemical action.

To achieve this there have been major advances in metrology, varying in areas and principles; but many today are only offline measures or verifications, which are used to meet the required precision and accuracy for these control limits.

To eliminate the need for offline instruments, DFS has a proven practice of process characterization, where it is possible to use various metrology devices, or combinations of these devices, to achieve the best-in-class in-line metrology driven control with the highest level of precision.

DFS is able to use this concert of instruments to achieve real-time online results that have been proven to meet or exceed the levels seen by many offline methods.

If you want to learn more about our newly patented process and technology, download our case study below:

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Topics: process control, chemical mechanical planarization, chemical blending, chemical blender