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This CMP Slurry Blender Sets the Bar for Process Control

Posted by DFS on Oct 19, 2017 4:24:58 PM
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Preparing a DFS High-Purity CMP Slurry Blender For Delivery

Technicians conduct quality inspection of advanced slurry blender.pngDiversified Fluid Solutions recently completed work on a precision slurry blender which increases overall production capacity and process control.

Through advancements in our proprietary blending technology, the fully-automated Fusion™ Slurry Blender eliminates deadlegs in the flow path of the slurry while managing loop pressure control to +/- 0.3 psi.

The end result is improved yields, process control and repeatability across the board.


As with all of our products, we deliver unmatched quality, accuracy, and control in our fluid handling systems. We do so through commitment to Schedule, Technology, and Service. These principles are fully evident in our work, and they were on full display from inception to final inspection with our slurry blender system shown below.

DFS slurry blender quality inspection.png

1) Technicians at Boise-based Diversified Fluid Solutions work on a high-volume fully-automated Fusion™ Slurry Blender, which will be installed at a semiconductor facility in Asia.


2) The system was completed after the technicians tested the electronics, controls, plumbing, and software, verifying all the safety and quality aspects of the system. 

DFS slurry blender unit and group photo.png

3) This group photo shows some of the technicians, and fabricators involved in the 2 month long project.

DFS slurry blender fully opened.png4) This particular model is one of the larger systems DFS produces with smaller systems available that perform similar precision mixing, and blending.

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