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Compact SC-1 Fusion™ Chemical Blender Unveiled

Posted by Darren Willey on Oct 3, 2018 9:02:00 AM
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Versatile On-Demand Chemical Blender is a Big Hit with Semiconductor Manufacturer

DFS recently developed and released a compact SC-1, 3 part blender, for a large Semiconductor Manufacturer. The Standard Clean Solution #1 (SC-1) process involves a sequence of cleaning steps using “standard” solutions and employs a mixture of ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and DI water (H2O).  The system enables recipe customization through an HMI with verified authorization.

SC-1 Chemical Blending Unit

The SC-1 solution is the best known treatment for removing particles from the surface of the wafer. It is also very effective at removing organic contaminants and some metallic contaminants from the surface of the wafer.


  • The unit is small and can be mounted in the subfab or any desired location.
  • The system can produce temperature controlled SC-1 (or other chem blends) with the blend ratio configurable via the touch screen.
  • Ammonia, Peroxide, Cold UPW and Hot UPW are bulk fed and controlled via programming, metrology, valving and our DFS Mix Cells.
  • System can communicate with the tool directly and is designed to dispense On-Demand™ Blended Chemical directly to the desired tool.
  • Optional booster pump for the UPW
  • Sample chamber accessible from the front
  • 15" HMI

Our semiconductor manufacturing customer was so happy they immediately ordered a second unit.

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