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Fusion™ On-Demand™ Modular Chemical Blender

Posted by DFS on Aug 21, 2019 12:00:00 PM
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A Closer Look at the Components of A DFS Fusion™ Modular Chemical Blender

DFS Blenders greatly reduce the floor space requirements, facilitation costs, and the total cost of ownership for blended chemistries. Process yield / improvements are a large impact area because of our blenders’ accuracy. The more on-target the chemicals are in assay; the less rework or process target adjustments have to take place in the production environment.

DFS Fusion Modular Chemical Blender

The DFS Fusion™ On-Demand™ Modular Chemical Blender with Titan™ CDU is a modular system engineered to transfer chemical from a single or dual interchangeable 55 gallon drum, or bulk supply, directly to the On-Demand™ Blender and automatically transfer to the CDU section of the system. The drum, bulk supply and house UPW are supplied through centrifugal pumps, conductivity probes, and optional RI to drain until the target conductivity has been validated. Once the target conductivity and RI has been validated the blend supply is diverted to the internal or external temperature controlled distribution tank.

The Titan™ CDU section of the system utilizes redundant centrifugal pumps, closed dual loop pressure control, temperature, conductivity and flow monitoring, isolated sample chamber, cabinet leak detection and pneumatic control valves. The distribution section can be configured from the configuration screen allowing the operator to enter the desired pressures, flows and alarm configurations.

The Fusion™ Blend section utilizes centrifugal pumps, conductivity, temperature and flow monitoring (optional RI), cabinet leak detection, pneumatic control valves, ultrasonic tank level monitoring and can be configured from the blender configuration screen allowing the operator to enter the desired volumes, order and qualification requirements for each constituent.

The Titan™ Drum section of the system utilizes a pneumatic pump, QC verification, 4 port drum head, and filtered recirculation and delivery to the On-Demand™ section of the system. The drum section can be configured from the configuration screen allowing the operator to enter the desired recirculation times and alarm configurations. 

The Control section of the system consists of an isolated control area integrated into the distribution or blend section of the cabinet. The major components of this system include a PLC, Industrial PC, 250 gallon PTFM lined cooling tank, conductivity monitoring, two centrifugal pumps, two pneumatic pumps, cabinet leak detection, isolated sample chamber, and pneumatic control valves. The operator is able to access the HMI panel on the front of the cabinet for monitoring system operations and configuring critical system parameters.

DFS Modular systems can be configured with multiple cabinet combinations and orientations.

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