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On-Demand In-Line Chemical Blending and Supply System

Posted by DFS on May 23, 2022 11:42:34 AM
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Diversified Fluid Solutions is pleased to announce that it has been granted a patent from the USPTO for its innovative On-Demand In-Line Chemical Blending and Supply System (U.S. Patent No. 11,318,431). Congratulations to the DFS team of inventors named on the patent, Darren Willey, Karl Urquhart, Joseph Watters and Chris Donelson.

POUFiled in November, 2020 and granted May 3rd, 2022, U.S. Patent No. 11,318,431 grants exclusive rights to the DFS team of inventors for their system. This in-line active and reverse calculating mass balance blending system can maintain a chemical at desired control points, such as with respect to concentration, temperature, and/or pressure, while the output flow rate is changing dynamically to a point-of-use (POU). A blending unit is configured to receive and blend at least two species and deliver a mixture at selected concentrations to points-of-use. A controller can be configured to determine a mass balance to maintain the concentrations in the mixture using information from metrology systems, monitoring flow in and an output to at least one point-of-use. The controller also can be configured to maintain a concentration in the mixture within a concentration range by controlling flow rates to the blending unit.

Typically, combining fluids is performed in discrete batches. Batch processing, or batching, has many drawbacks and limitations. For example, usually large tanks are required. Since this process can be time-consuming, large-volume batches are often prepared at the same time. This large scale requires substantial manufacturing space, it creates variations between batches, and large batch volumes dictate a relatively fixed and inflexible manufacturing schedule.

A continuous or in-line blending system can eliminate the large batch preparation and holding tanks, which leads to a small system volume, more product compounding flexibility, faster product formulation and turnaround, and a substantially lower capital cost. Continuous and in-line blending can reduce waste, cleanup time, and effluent volumes. Furthermore, the mixing is simplified and results in more homogenous formulations. The product aging effects are also largely eliminated. 

To learn more about our patent and the On-Demand In-Line Chemical Blending & Supply System here.

Topics: chemical blending and distribution

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