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DFS Fusion™ On-Demand™ Mobile Chemical Blender

Posted by DFS on Dec 21, 2018 7:19:31 PM
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Fusion On-Demand Mobile Chemical BlenderDFS Announces New Fusion™ On-Demand™ Mobile Chemical Blender

Designed for one of our newest customers in New Mexico, the DFS Fusion™ On-Demand™ Mini Mix is engineered to transfer chemical from an interchangeable 5 gallon Pail and bulk supply to the internal On-Demand Blender.

Chemical 1 is supplied via the internal vessel. UPW, and Chemical 2 are supplied via the house supply source.

How It Works

Through the On-Demand™ Stream, DFS Blend Cell, and select analytics, the constituents are blended to drain until the target analytics have been validated. Once the target analytics are validated, the blend supply is diverted to the 38 Liter HDPE Day Tanks (Optional PFA) and filled to the full weight.

After the blend constituents have been added to the blend tank, the blend is allowed to recirculate through the in-line filter housing, select analytics, until the blend is validated for a second time. Once the blend has been verified the system is allowed to go online to the production area. System has the capability to supply up to 5 connection points.

System can also be set up to do a “keep-full” operation with the on-demand blender blending on top of the existing chemical blend in the online tank; allowing the system to continually supply the production tool without interruption. System also has the capability to automatically adjust the blend in the tank if it falls out of spec.

If you would like to learn more about our new Fusion™ On-Demand™ Mini Mix, please feel free to:

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