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Exyte Acquires Kinetics Group, Adding Technical Facility Management to its Portfolio

Posted by CPS Group on Apr 16, 2024 2:46:25 PM
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Welcoming Kinetics to Exyte Technology and Services Business Area

We are excited to hear the news that Exyte has announced the acquisition of Kinetics Group, a leading global provider of installation services and equipment for high-tech industries like semiconductors, biopharma, and batteries. Kinetics brings a team of over 2,500 employees with expertise across more than 20 locations worldwide.
Image for blog PRWith the addition of technical facility management services, Exyte is extending its reach beyond engineering and construction, ensuring seamless support to its clients throughout the operational phase. 
We would like to welcome Kinetics to the Exyte family of companies and to say congratulations on our collective next steps toward shaping a better future.

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